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gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun is a treasure,

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how the hell do i talk to people

Stand in front of them and press A

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I met my cousin’s 2 yr old daughter today and she hadn’t even seen me and started creying a whole ton and yelling “no” at the prospect of meeting me I wonder if it’s because she sensed my threatening “I don’t like small people” presence or what. My cousin said she’s like that to all strangers but lemme just pride myself in scaring small people I even gave her a Rilakkuma as a peace offering and she still wouldn’t stop laughs. I also actually met her a year and a half ago so I’m technically not stranger but I doubt she remembers that.

Also I realize I secretly (well not so secretly anymore) get a huuuuge kick when people call me meimei esp when they think my broski’s the older one laugh. I wanna be young and kawaii thank. So it displeases me when my cousin is referring to me as his daughter’s aunt pls mang I am still young I don’t wanna be an aunt just call me older sister or something. I’m rly gross.

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STAYING AT MY DAD’S NEW APARTMENT THING BY MY LONESOME there are a lot of mirrors to make it look bigger since it’s tiny excuse me while I admire myself in them.

Wow mosquitoes stop feasting on my delicious American blood.

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My uncle’s wifi idek mang

hearthero said: that's the christmas special of pokemon where it is just the pokemon in the house. bulbasaur flew the bulbasaur cookie in the air to eat it but then squirtle ends up knocking him over because the popper thing in his mouth startles them when it blows. the cookie ends up falling in squirtle's mouth and bulbasaur gets really angry afterwards. it's a really cute episode!


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