peachbunni replied to your post: I think I kinda like mic lab!!! It’s p chill an…


… water you wow about…….. my life or my wimpiness or both

also pls come home and microwave a hot pocket for me the fridge is so far away many many thank

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Professor Layton 1.5” wood charms are up for order!  They come with a dark brown strap and copper bell! ;u;/


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Cute hoodies from Harajuku fashion 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

use code 'lovely39' to get 10% off on all items

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Every kid dreams of being a superhero, having powers, saving people — but no kid thinks about what it’s like when you’re a hero and you’re not saving people. Truth is, not much else changes. You still hurt, you still love… you still wish, and hope, and fear things… and you still need people to help you with all of it. In some ways, that’s the best part.

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As soon as I saw the new art of this couple, I had to make these shirts real.

You can buy them HERE

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SIGHS I started Corpse Party last night and I have died once so far and I’m only on chapter one blargh and the death was creepy enough for me to not want to play for a few hours I must recharge I suppose I am weak to horror cries I AM A WEAKLING SOMEONE SIT NEXT TO ME AS I PLAY THIS ALSO I DIED BC MY REFLEXES ARE AWFUL AND I COULDN’T RUN AWAY FAST ENOUGH I THOUGHT THIS WAS GOING TO BE A VN HAHAHA LIES DOWN


What the fuck am I playing

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+ high resolution


Scanned a sample of handmade paper stickers.

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Ace Attorney is a game that’s very near and dear to my heart! I am planning on making double-sided zipper bags of these designs in the near future and will open a pre-order for them if anyone is interested!

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